Look up…. or down?

I’m a habitual scroller….

….thumb stroller…. 

I’m addicted to my phone….

My husband will tell you, it’s one of the things he would put on his 

….’if I could change one thing’ list!

It’s a problem that I’ve been trying to address since we found out I was growing a tiny human.

We have had to put boundaries in place…

 ….rules almost…

1. No phone in the bedroom…. I’ve got an alarm clock and everything (although Clark is just as good)!!

2. My phone goes off at 9pm…. Sam has to remind me 😉


3. No phone whilst breast feeding!!!

Ironically I read an article on Facebook whilst breastfeeding…. before I introduced the rule…


It talks about all the things you miss about your baby when your too busy screen scrolling….it’s heartbreaking that it even needs to be said!!!

For Clark it’s how he waves at my booby when he’s feeding…his little leg kicks when he’s super excited about something, his head wobble when he’s so hungry he can’t quite latch fast enough…how long his eyelashes are (he gets them from Sam… I’m only a smidge jealous), the deep denim blue of his eyes and the heart beating skip that happens when we lock eyes and know this is OUR MOMENT!!

We now (I think unfortunately) exist in a world of instant, a landscape of continual access, a minefield of screen gratification….

We are glued, plugged in, consumed!!!

And it’s really quite bizarre… boring even!!

I don’t want to miss a single thing about my baby boy, he changes literally every single day and I want to absorb it, inhale it, pause it if I could!!!

And even more importantly I don’t want to demonstrate poor choices, bad habits or addiction….

I want him to grow with imagination, curiosity, depth and freedom!!!

Not an imprinted image of mummy on her smart phone, with the TV blaring every hour of the day!!

I want to notice, I want to teach, I want to nurture!!!

Not ignore, be distracted or ever let him think my time is limited!!!

Now please don’t get me wrong…there is a time, a place, a need for all the wonderful advancing technology….I’m sure C-Beebies will be a lifeline (especially if Tom hardy & Chris Evans make further appearance)!!!

I want Clark to understand that mama & pappy will limit things for him, in order to teach and protect, help him with choices and ensure he doesn’t become dependent on our phones, our iPad, our TV to exist, to enjoy or to be entertained…

Screen time, phones, Xbox, iPad, peppa-pig…. limited!!!

I really believe that today’s tweenager’s have been robbed, poluted, exposed to a modern day pandemic of smart phones, gratification via technology and mindless gluttony for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tinder, Pinterest…..how scary!!!

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that the wired brain when using digital screens has the same addictive effect as cocaine on the frontal cortex….how scary!!!

The average 8 year old now spends upwards of 8 hours a day using digital technology and teenagers 11 hours….

And the developers of some of the best selling tech, Steve Jobs, was a low-tech parent!!! 

So I am making a choice….(it’s becoming a recurring theme in my motherhood medley) to put down the phone and pick up on my handsome chaps cuteness, curiosity & querks!!!




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